Breaking Through the Barriers
A Practical Guide to Overcoming Personal Challenges.
Abolish feelings of ANXIETY
Win the battle over FEAR
Overcome life-challenging bouts of DEPRESSION

Sometimes, our hurts, fears, and shortcomings go as far back as our childhood, and they stand in the way of our success, self-image, and spiritual growth today. This book is about breaking through those barriers that hinder us.

From this book, readers will learn to identify their barriers and practice the given exercises, which are both practical and Biblical. In turn, these exercises can help readers break through their barriers of fear, instability, anger, worry and anxiety, guilt, emotional hurts, depressive moods, and procrastination, and pave the way for a more harmonious life.
These teachings can help you gain peace of mind, spiritual freedom and the abundant life Christ came to earth to give.
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By Monica Hernandez, Ph.D.
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